Roddy O'Sullivan Ph.D.


Laura Garcia Exposito Ph.D.

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JOnathan Barroso GOnzalez PH.D






Roddy is the PI. He did his postdoc @ The Salk Institute in the lab of Jan Karlseder. Roddys favorite food is sichuan cumin lamb. His favorite movie is Jaws while his favorite pastime is working on his house or finding new music.  The things that Roddy loves most about Pittsburgh are Frick Park, The Cathedral of Learning and Jerrys Records in Squirrel Hill. 

In the lab, Roddy is working on the effects that altering chromatin structure has on telomere structure. He is interested in applying new techniques and technologies to investigate telomere and chromatin dynamics in the cell. He can be reached at




Originally from Tenerife in The Canary Islands, she completed her PhD at University of La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain. She joined the lab in July 2014 and has been very busy. In the lab, Laura is developing new approaches to analyze telomere function in ALT positive cancer cells. Using cutting edge mass spetrometry she has identified hundreds of uncharacterized proteins linked with human telomeres and is working on all of them!

Outside of the lab, Laura likes to cook and cross-stitch to relax. She enjoys watching TV shows, especially "How I Met Your Mother" and "Game of Thrones". She can be reached at





Also from The Canary Islands in Spain, Jonathan is a postdoctoral researcher. A multi-tasker, Jonathan is a molecular biologist and biochemist. His project is to identify the key factors involved in the ALT mechanism and dissect their mode of action. He uses gene editing to generate knockout cell lines and molecular cloning to splice and dice his proteins of interest. He can be reached at

In his down time, Jonathan can't get enough of reality TV and cooking shows. He is a huge fan! His current go-to is "America's Worst Cooks" and he has successfully re-capitulated the recipes for his family. He has not seen and will never watch "Avatar".



Song-My is a graduate student in the Molecular Pharmacology program. She is from Hanoi, Vietnam but has spent a significant amount of time in the United States. She graduated from Union College with a degree in Biology and English. She also took several classes on irish literature. In the lab she is working on post-translational modifications and developing new tools to dissect these by proteomics.

Outside the lab, Song-My is big foodie and likes to explore Pittsburgh restaurants. She also loves to cook Vietnamese food.  She has an obsession for board games and holds board game nights with her friends on a daily basis. The atmosphere is like that at a poker table, though without the cigars. Her favorite animal is the penguin and she hopes to travel to Antarctica to see them in their natural habitat. In the meantime, she's stuck in the city that's home to the Penguins hockey team.




Nicole is a graduate student in the Molecular Pharmacology Program. She was born and raised in Waldorf, Maryland but loves the city of Pittsburgh. Nicole completed her B.S in Biochemistry at Virginia Tech, where she conducted undergraduate research in the field of poultry nutrition. In the lab Nicole focuses on ALT specific post-translation modifications.

Nicole loves brunch and spends every Sunday morning at a different Pittsburgh restaurant in search of the perfect brunch. Nicole has a pet chinchilla, Theodore, whom she adores. When she’s not hanging out with her chinchilla, Nicole enjoys trivia nights with her friends and teaching group fitness classes at the gym.