We are mad about Pembroke Welsh Corgis! These stumpy, furry little guys are amazing. This is Ernie. He is almost 2 years old and is full of beans and attitude. He is also an architecture buff. From time to time, we'll post photos of Ernie posing with some impressive structures that have passed "the test".

This just shows that you don't have to know anything about american football to be able to kick 35 yard field goals in front on 50,000 people. I know this will get me in trouble in STEELERS town..... but.... GO BOLTS!!

We like to run. And from time to time we like to eat while we run. Here, Justin (like his hero George Constanza) combines his 2 passions of eating and running in CMU's Donut Dash. Laura and Roddy are excited to participate next year!

In December 2016, We did a secret Santa and SongMy's greatest wish in the world came true (Thanks Santa!) when she unwrapped her new pet corgi (it's a teddy bear corgi but she doesn't seem to realize yet). In March 2017, inspired by a trip to the nearby Arby's.... the corgi was finally named "Arby". He/She (??) and SongMy have established an incredibly strong bond and are inseparable ... To see the shenanigans that SongMy and Arby get into.... see the carousel below ....